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Complex Adaptive Dynamical Systems, a Primer (Claudius Gros)

by reiver

Complex Adaptive Dynamical Systems, a Primer is a free book by Claudius Gros.

A related description from the author:

Complex system theory is rapidly developing and gaining importance, providing tools and concepts central to our modern understanding of emergent phenomena. [...]

Network theory, dynamical systems and information theory, the core of modern complex system sciences [...] [covers] basic concepts and phenomena like

  • small-world networks,
  • bifurcation theory and
  • information entropy.

[...] [Other topics under] complex system sciences [...] [are] emergence and self-organization [...] Prominent examples are

  • self-organized criticality in adaptive systems,
  • life at the edge of chaos,
  • hypercycles and coevolutionary avalanches,
  • synchronization phenomena,
  • absorbing phase transitions and
  • the cognitive system approach to the brain.

There is also a number of exercises that are related to this book, at the course page: Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems.

(H/T Richard Harper)

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