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Blogrolls are no longer that popular anymore, with the rise of other means of keeping track of what blogs you read. (Such as RSS aggregators.) However blogging communities grow with these kinds of systems. Thus, here is our "sphere" page.

Meetup Groups

Here are some meetup groups of interest to data scientists, organized by city.



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(In alphabetical order.)

Brad Efron    
Charles Iliya Krempeaux / @reiver
David Poole, Ph.D.    
Don Turnbull, Ph.D. / @donturn
Hilary Mason / @hmason
Jake Hofman / @jakehofman
John Langford    
Josh Wills / @josh_wills
Kazem Jahanbakhsh / @kjahanbakhsh
Martin Pelikan, Ph.D.    
Massoud Seifi, Ph.D. / @accesstoken
Peter Skomoroch / @peteskomoroch
S├ębastien Bubeck / @sebastienbubeck
Tom Mitchell / @tommmitchell
Tore Opsahl / @toreopsahl